Calm Kit

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Sweet Surrender! Enjoy a curated selection of calming  delights to satisfy your sweet tooth while nourishing your body. Our raw no sugar treats, mylks, & brews are all made with naturally calming ingredients, making them the perfect way to calm your nerves morning noon or night! 


4 Brownie Bites 

2 Stress Less Brews 

2 Signature cashew mylk 

2 blue majik shots

*to ENHANCE your Calm Kit see the Elevated Calm Kit

How Does this Make me Calm? 
BOWNIE BITES & the STRESS Less BREW feature organic Raw Cacao to Lift your mood.  Raw chocolate (before all the junk is added) mineralizes, enhances energy + metabolism PLUS boosts Serotonin production. (Our body’s happiness helper).

The STRESS LESS Brew also features MACA root will fight adrenal fatigue, boost your endurance, elevate your mood & balance your hormone.

The PLANT BASED protein in our Superseed Bars & the Clean GREEN protein Mylk keeps you fueled longer, boosts skin health, benefits Brain power, Balances Blood Sugar.

STAY CALM ....this package has NO SUGAR (just like all of our products) yet has all the SWEETNESS to satisfy, enliven & elevate your week!

Enjoy this supply throughout the week to stay calm.  Our mood & ability to Handle stress is directly linked to the way we nourish our body.  Let us set you up for success!