Vault Box

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Our Vault Box is full of wellness- promoting goodies and packaged in a beautiful gift box, perfect for the season of giving! This box is specially curated with some of our B&P essentials, and through our monthly subscription service can become a gift that keeps on giving. 

The Vault Box contains: 

B&P Rise & Shine Daily Must Pack- our special, SIGNATURE BLEND of maca + cacao + MCT + cinnamon + cardamom + cayenne + spice blend + Himalayan salt. Not only does our Rise & Shine pair perfectly with coffee, baking, smoothies, protein drinks, etc, it’s also an essential morning must that enhances energy, brain power, and vitality. Enjoy this spicy & sweet blend that balances blood sugar and promotes happiness hormones while promoting sustainable energy and boosted metabolism. 

Urban Moonshine Liver Bitters-  a B&P favorite, the Healthy Liver Bitters are made with artichoke and raw honey. These are an essential as they encourage the healthy production and release of bile, and help maintain cholesterol levels. Good liver health is a key part of great digestion!

Purest Palm Body Brush- this 100% vegetable Purest Palm Body Brush is made of pure Japanese palm fiber and can be used wet or dry. With firm, dense bristles dry brushing effectively sloughs dead skin and boosts circulation, making it an ideal choice for promoting overall 

Sprout Living Epic Protein Collagen - Pro Collagen is a multi- source protein complemented by powerful vitamins and minerals that help boost collagen production, which is essential in all around health balance.