4-pack Dosha specific juices

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Discover a new customized way to find greater balance & health. 

Allow Blend & Press to create a package with four Dosha specific juices to help you elevate your health or step into a brighter, more balanced You.  

The ingredients in the pressed juices vary according to Dosha & Season.   

Enjoy one juice daily or include two per day to nourish & energize your body.  Just let us know which Dosha package suits you best (Vata, Pitta or Kapha).

 This pairs well with the One Day Dosha Reset.     Incorporate the Customized juice after the reset to keep the good energy going! 

Don’t know your Primary Dosha or the one to strive to balance? 
Visit the link below to take our quiz! 

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Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime (leave the shop at 11am) 31401, 31405, 31404, including downtown Savannah,  Medical Arts, Ardsley park areas.

Thursday morning 31404, 31410, Wilmington & Whitmarsh islands 
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