COVID Care Kit

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Have you been exposed to a lot of germs lately ?  Have you been exposed to a virus, a cold or the flu? If so, It is it is essential you elevate your wellness routine to stay well.  KEEP your body healthy & happy with our COVID Kit. It is filled with immunity products to help protect you and your immune system. We can aid our bodies with great ingredients and a positive attitude!

- Blend & Press Super Immunity Shots (6 shots) 

- bottle E3live 

- URBAN MOONSHINE Immunity Tincture 

-Holy Basil (7 day supply) to keep your immune system strong & your stress level low 

-Netipot & cleansing solution for cleansing 

-Oil of OREGANO for antiviral boost (10 day Supply) 

**optional- CBD Immunity tincture


*this is not intended to be in lieu of a doctors visit or medical care if you feel you have COVID-19