Gut & Go Package

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Our Gut & Go package is a must do for at home gut repair. Pair this package with our 3 or 7 day Gut Refresh Package for optimal results!


Urban Moonshine Healthy Liver Bitters
A rich and herbaceous bitters blend specifically formulated to Helps the Liver to Function at its best.  This is a daily must for combatting everyday toxins, reduce cravings & assist in optimal gut health + elimination.  

  1. Detoxifies 
  2. Reduces sweet cravings 
  3. Speeds digestion & improves sluggish digestion 
  4. Reduces Bloating 
  5. Improves breakdown of vitamins and minerals 

Cocoyo Coconut Yogurt 

GT’s Raw Young Coconut, Raw Young Coconut Water, Probiotic Cultures**, Organic Raspberry Juice, And 100% Pure Love!!!

Sprout Living Epic Protein Pro-Collagen 

Pro Collagen is a multi-source protein complemented by powerful vitamins, minerals that help boost collagen production.
This protein is slightly sweet with a hint of berry  

• 15 g complete plant protein
• Smooth texture with real flavors from raspberry, pomegranate & beet
• Collagen-boosting biotin, tremella mushroom extract, silica bamboo extract & more
• No “natural” flavoring, gums or additives