Liver Saver Kits

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 Our Liver Saver Box is full of goodies specially curated to help your liver recover & revive, plus it’s a perfect gift package for the season. Grab a box for yourself after some well-deserved holiday celebrating, or for a loved one who needs a winter wellness boost!

The Liver Saver Package consists of:

Urban Moonshine Healthy Liver Bitters- a B&P favorite, the Healthy Liver Bitters are made with artichoke and raw honey. These are an essential as they encourage the healthy production and release of bile, and help maintain cholesterol levels. Good liver health is a key part of great digestion!

1 Energy Boost cold pressed juice- made with pressed beet + pineapple + orange + bee pollen + chia seeds our Energy Boost targets liver health while energizing, improving endurance, boosting immunity, and reducing stress.

1 Liver Special cold pressed juice- made with a combination of seasonal fruits & veggies, our Liver Special juice of the week is specially curated with ingredients known for promoting liver health/recovery.

1 Super Green Wellness Shot- made with spirulina + chlorella + lime + coconut h2o our Super Green Shot boosts the liver by detoxifying heavy metals, alkalizing, and improving digestive function.

1 Belly Boost Wellness Shot- made with living probiotic + aloe vera  our Belly Boost Shot promotes digestive health and provides a tiny but mighty endurance, hydration, nutrient, and balance boost!