CLEAN Week of Wellness

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Eat and Drink clean all week long! 7 days of 1 juice + 1 smoothie each day. 
This is the fast & easy track to elevating your health.  No work for you but all of the benefit  We suggest this after a Raw Reset to stick with the clean life & continue to feel great.  
This package is catered to the CLEAN elimination diet list in the images below.  This elimination diet list is based on Dr. Junger's national bestselling book entitled CLEAN. 
The list below is a basic anti-inflammatory eating elimination die list that is intended to be used for a 21 day period.  Suggested consumption of of a smoothie in the morning and juice in the evening or juice in the morning & smoothie whenever you see fit! 
Inquire us foe more details and additional CLEAN support programs.  
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Participating in the CEAN7 program Leave your Dosha in the comments after you order and we will create accordingly. 
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