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Why should I include Smoothies and juice in my diet?

It is a super easy way to get in your recommended servings of fruits, veggies and plant powered goodness.

Eating fruits and vegetable every day (7 + servings is ideal) can help to reduce risk of various diseases such as cancer, digestive issues, heart disease, stroke, asthma, auto immune disease. 

Plus regular consumption of ample fruit and vegetable can get you to your ideal weight, energy level & even enhance focus and brain power.

What is the difference between a juice and a smoothie?

Even if you smoothie and juice is made from the exact same veggies and fruits your body sees totally different benefits!

Our juice has 4 or more serving of fruits and veggies in each bottle. Juice is easier for your body to digest than blended smoothies or raw produce. This is because the majority of the fiber or carbohydrates are removed from the produce during the juice extraction process. Wait, no fiber? Don’t I need the fiber? Removing the fiber is a good thing in this case. Think of it as a super powered nutrient injection that feeds your body on a cellular level without adding any digestive or other burden.

This makes it an excellent daily choice for healing, cleansing, beauty and enhancing overall immune function .

What are Blends and why do I need them in my life too?

Blend are smoothies done the Blend & Press way. We add loads of organic fruits, vegetables, superfood and other plant based power foods to our blend. We don not add any junk, or ice.

By using the whole fruit or veggies the water, fiber, carbohydrate, and nutrients remain intact. This keeps you full longer. In the flip side, you are getting less nutrients than juice ( roughly 1/3 to 1/2 as much as compared to a comparable size juice ). Choosing a smoothie as a meal or a snack is a great choice. Bear in mind if your body is not used to a lot of plant fiber (ahem, processes food princes be ware) you may experience a digestive response immediately. This is a good thing even if it is gas. It will get a lot better as you body gets used to all of the goodness!

What is the difference between a cold pressed juice & just a juice?

The basic different is that you get a lot more bang for your nutritional buck. This juice extraction process starts with masticating ( basically slow speed grinding) to break down the produce, then is competed by pressing this ground produce to remove the living liquid nutrients from the produce. Viola you have super duper nutrient dense pressed juice. The minimal use of heat enable the nutrients to stay intact and vital. (Heat kills nutrients)

The quicker format of juice uses a high speed juicer to extract the juice. Yes, it is fast but the heat and the speed contribute to a large loss of nutrients. Plus, juice created in this way does not lend itself to being saved and should not be bottled.

The superior process and density of nutrients allow pressed juice to be bottled and maintain its benefits for a life span of 4-5 days.

But don’t be fooled. The juice in the grocery store that says “pressed juice” will likely have undergone a HPP process that will extend its lifespan. This is a processing which removes a great bit of the nutrients. So even if it says pressed juice, look a little closer. If it has a life span that goes beyond 7 days ( that is the max for real pressed juice) beware.

Does juicing make you feel different ( and better)?

You will feel the positive effects of juicing almost immediately.

The first thing most people experience is your digestive system come alive & start to cleanse. This is especially true if you have been eating more processed foods & sugars. If you are starting as a “fast food queen” or king go slowly as your body many be so happily surprised with the living nutrients that up could have a quick cleanse effect.

HOW LONG does it take for me to see the effects of juicing & a higher consumption of plant based foods?

Typically you can see lots of wonderful differences in two weeks. Even after two days of juicing and plant dense diet most experience some great results. If you have also elevated the other parts of your diet (quit sugar, processed carbs and animal products) the effect will be even more profound.

What are the benefits I will see from juicing regularly and having more plant dense diet?

  • Abundant energy
  • Glowing, Radiant skin
  • Better Bowel function.
  • Elimination of bloating or less bloat
  • Healthier skin, hair, and nails
  • Weight loss
  • Enhanced immune function
  • Improved memory

But isn’t a Plant Based diet with juice and smoothie really expensive?

It all depends on your approach, your perspective & your support team. Yes, it can seem expensive initially if you are doing it alone Without a plan go to the market without a plan. Most people buy too much of some things and not enough of others.

Processed plant based food (much of which is glorified junk food, or nicely put, transition food) can be expensive. The real deal typically much more affordable.

That said, Making your own juice and or smoothie cam get expensive if you aren’t strategic .

That said , It takes more produce to make juice than the comparable size smoothies. Which makes juicing usually expensive.

The BLEND & Press team is here to support you with all of your plant-based needs. Most people find that our products are actually more affordable than trying to do it themselves. Plus, they are guaranteed to be nutrition packed and tasty.

Does the Blend & Press team use organic?

We are committed to local, seasonal, and organic whenever possible. We are connected to our farmers and selective in our sourcing. Our local connection is key, as is using ingredients that are superiors. We stand behind the framers, grower & producers.

Does the Blend & Press team use organic?

We are committed to local, seasonal, and organic whenever possible. We are connected to our farmers and selective in our sourcing. Our local connection is key, as is using ingredients that are superiors. We stand behind the framers, grower & producers.

What are superfoods?

These are essentially superhero foods that have an exponentially greater capacity to nourish, heal, energize & cleanse our bodies. These foods are recognized for their nutrient (antioxidants, vitamin, mineral..) density and their ability to greatly befit health & in some cases stave off disease. The befits of true superfood typically go beyond the body benefit and to include mental benefits.

However there is not an official list of true superfood.

Be aware that just because a label dons the term “superfood” doesn’t mean it is the best choice for you. The term has been adopted as a means to attract attention and as a marketing tactic ease. If you would like to learn more about superfood, sign up here!

Blend & Press offers a Curated array of product? What does that mean?

Our owner has created a selection of carefully chosen products used in house . Of the best plant powered sources. Chelsea is constantly researching and learning what’s new, the best of the old and how to get these amazing components to our customers and clients.

How do I knowing cleansing if is right for me?

Some variation of cleansing is right for everyone! . It all depends on your objectives, your starting point and your commitment. Our formula for cleansing is far different than wellness bars.

At BLEND & Press we endorse crowding out the bad with the good.

For those that want to start slow and steady a WEEK OF WELLNESS s a great choice. This plan is a smoothie or a plant-based mylk or brew plus a juice every single day for seven days.

The week of wellness is a gentle and easy way to incorporate cleansing properties of plant-based food into your life. Click here for details on our week of wellness.

Another alternative is our six pack of juice. This is a subscription favorite and allows you to have the benefit of juice daily. We suggest 1 to 2 juices per day in conjunction with a healthy diet.

If you’re looking to level up and elevate, the Blend & Press Raw Reset program is our signature cleanse. You will enjoy the benefits of our pressed juice, wellness shots, elixirs, plant-based smoothie and a detox dinner every day.

We offer this for 1 to 3 or five days. Click here for more information.

With all of these options, Your energy levels, brain power, belly & whole body will reap the benefit.

Of course, clients see the best results with greater levels of commitment. This is why our subscription plan has rave reviews and great loyalty!

The Raw Reset Is your most result driven cleanse. This cleanse. is truly accessible to anyone

This plan is so effective and easy (plus tasty!) that the Raw reset subscription program Is there a bigger seller , Click here to learn about our subscription offerings for raw reset.

We offer just juice cleanses as well. However those are not suggested for the new cleanser or the super active. If you are interested in a custom cleanse, click here!

I am active. Will I have enough energy ?

The short answer is Absolutely! 

Our cleanses are made by an athlete for both active & non active people alike. We suggest the Super Athlete if you are very active. An extra plant based mylk is also a great addition. We calm this your “emergency mylk”. Most people do not need this but it is great to have at night before bed. It can be enjoyed after the cleanse as well!

Even the Deep Green Raw Reset is a wonderful option. Just let us know your activity level and we can suggest a few additions that you may find beneficial.

As in, the programs provide more than enough sustainable energy for even the more active person, but we are here to help if you have extra needs!

Click here for the cleanse booklets

In my own kitchen does everything need to be organic?

We suggest using the dirty dozen and clean 15 guide to determine what is best to buy organic and what’s OK to buy conventional. In a perfect world we would all have gardens with organic produce that we could source from daily, but this is not most peoples reality. Stick with the list and get to know your producers. Sometimes, small farms are not certified organic but they use organic practices. By local and seasonal when you can.

But above all choose fresh and unprocessed. Don’t let the worry about organic and no. Organic hold you back groom making your best decision!