Custom Thirty Day Immersion Experience

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As a mindset wellness coach and educator specializing in transformational change,  our founder  and in house alchemist offers an exclusive, scientifically-backed program designed to cater to clients seeking a significant lifestyle shift. Our signature thirty-day plan will elevate your wellness with ease and effectiveness by blending cutting-edge science with functional and fun wellness practices.

We utilize the a practical lifestyle approach to enhance the essential feel good chemical (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins) known as the DOSE method, to invigorate your mood and enhance your overall well-being. This program is meticulously crafted for you to include whole health goal setting, personalized wellness schedules, and one-on-one mindful movement mastery sessions, ensuring an experience that fits seamlessly into your demanding lifestyle. You'll benefit from a customized dietary plan, complete with elite meal prepping, an exclusive grocery guide, tailored recipes, and a specialized meal prep course. Plus, enjoy privileged access to partner discounts and a supportive network, elevating your journey to peak health. Embrace a life of vitality and renewed health and happiness, where your wellness transformation is guided by Chelsea and her  partners.  

What you can expect:

1. Interactive Goal Setting session. get ready to create a plan where your wellness goals, integrating mindset goals , movement plans, and nourishment goals can be realized.

2. Tailored Wellness Scheduler: weekly planner that adapts to your new personal goals and habits, ensuring the wellness activities enhance their lifestyle without overwhelm.

3. Mindful Movement and Mindset Session:   Personalized teaching techniques for your needs, emphasizing the science of DOSE for emotional and physical well-being.

4.  Meal Planning and grocery guide: customized dietary plans, a curated grocery guide updated weekly, and exclusive recipes designed for high-profile clients, complete with a virtual one-on-one meal prep course.