Complete Wellness Package

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Are you ready to come up with a plan of action to be healthier?

Do you have a big Health & Wellness Goal? 
If you are embarking on a new health journey, addressing a particular health challenge or are just looking to live your best life, this is perfect for you! 

Our Full Wellness Plan really works!!


1. Wellness Consult + Customized Wellness Plan

Chelsea will work with this to create a plan of action for you that includes a daily wellness schedule & a customized grocery list based on your personal nourishment plan (herbal, vitamin  & dietary).

This plan is intended to be support for everyday health concerns & is formulated to make healthy living easier.  You will receive a daily wellness schedule, suggested items to incorporate or ditch & other curated options depending on your needs. 


2. Foundation Recipe Starter-Pack: 

3  base recipes curated to your wellness plan: 1 savory, 1 sweet, 1 smoothie. 


3. Lifestyle wellness schedule: 

Receive a customized full wellness schedule to accompany your nourishment schedule for a complete mind, body, healthy lifestyle plan. May include the following: customized breath work, personalized yoga & stretching regimens, mindful habit routines, or physical grounding techniques.

4. Grocery Tour:

Experience a curated grocery tour that will change the way you shop, spend, and save. Our in-house wellness expert will guide you through a new easy and clean grocery experience. Mastering the grocery store is key to obtaining a healthier home and lifestyle. 

Includes the following: 
• Clean 15 & dirty dozen shopping list and small produce guide
• Vitamins and Minerals tour
• The down + dirty of ingredients
• Decoding food labels
• Healthy swaps
• Snack attack - best food combing choices

5. Healthify Your Home: Pantry & Fridge 

A full kitchen refresh with our wellness expert, Chelsea. Enjoy the experience of your personal wellness guide visiting your home for a kitchen revamp.

Chelsea will review where you are and take you where you need to be. This includes the following takeaways: 

1.Updated Pantry List

2.Curated supplemental information for your specific needs

3.Take away a list of ditch/keep

6. 4 weekly consults to make your new health habits a way of life.  

7. Flex hour to fine tune, adjust, education based on needs.  


Commit to your wellness with the full package and save over $100! 

We can’t wait to elevate your life!