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Blend + Press Wellness Bar

It's our privilege to delight + nourish our customers.  

BLEND & PRESS makes healthy eating + drinking a treat!  

Our extensive knowledge will help you detoxify, fuel + enliven  

Your  Mind, Body + Spirit!

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We provide plant-powered superfoods!

What makes Blend + Press different? Pressed juice is different from any other kind of freshly made juice. Our hydraulic juice press squeezes every bit of goodness from the fruits and veggies.

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Have you heard about our new Daily Musts?

Are you ready to try our customized blend of superfood? Our thoughtfully combined superfood combinations deliver amazing flavor and a power packed punch of true wellness. Our blends have been created & combined by our owner & now you can enjoy our daily musts in your own kitchen or on the go. These travel ready Blends will enliven & elevate your routine.

About Us!

PASSION IN PURPOSE. We offer smoothie BLENDS, cold PRESSED juice , wellness elixirs, healing shots, synergistic brews, raw treats, detox meals & bowls . Our recipes are made To ELEVATE YOUR HEALTH on a mind body level. Additionally, we have a curated collection of everyday lifestyle products. The menu items are all developed by our creator and owner, Chelsea Dye, through passion & purpose.

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