Wellness Consult + Customized Wellness Plan

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Are you ready to come up with a plan of action to be healthier?
If you are embarking on a new health journey, addressing a particular health challenge or are just looking to live your best life, this may be perfect for you! 
Sign up for a wellness consultation with Chelsea, our IN House wellness guide.  After competing a questionnaire, she will review & discuss your objectives with you (30 minute telephone or in person call)  

Chelsea will work with this to create a plan of action for you that includes a daily wellness plan & a basic nourishment (herbal, vitamin  & dietary).

This plan is intended to be support for everyday health concerns & is formulated to make healthy living easier.  You will receive a daily wellness schedule, suggested items to incorporate or ditch & other curated options depending on your needs. 

This is especially good for clients who want to address gut health, adopt a specialized diet (like LOWFODMAP, vegan lifestyle, DASH diet) or create a nutrition & lifestyle  forward approach to address energy, anxiety or general wellness.