Rise & Shine Daily Must Pack

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Elevate mood. Improve focus. Boost endurance. Balance hormones. Manage stress. Torch toxins. Rev metabolism. 

SIGNATURE BLEND of maca, cacao, MCT, cinnamon, cardamom, cayenne, spice blend, Himalayan salt

Enhance energy, brain power, and vitality with this morning must. Sustain energy and boost metabolism with a spicy sweet blend that balances blood sugar and promotes happiness hormones. 

*organic ingredients, always free of added sugar, gluten, dairy, and soy 

*nut free and plant powered 


The Rise & Shine, Heal & Fuel, Sweet shroom Blend.

These travel ready packs Provide 25 + serving of our Vault Recipe

Say hello to where functional food meets taste.

We call these our  flex blends. 

They each include a unique combination of healing spices and superfoods,  combined in sleek on the go or pantry ready resealable package. 

What is a FLEX blend?

It is a curated proprietary blend ( our wellness guide and creator, Chelsea, created these in her home for herself and private clients.  Now we are providing the Vault Blend for all of our customer. 

They are “flex” because they are flexible! 

You can be added to so many different ways. They are tasty, flexible and super beneficial.  Try them on Beverages, smoothies, snacks…make your own superfood nut blend, sprinkle on organic popcorn, add to tasty coffee delight! 

This is where Superfoods & healing herbs meet flavor.