Wellness Shot Sampler Pack: 4 or 8 Week Subscription

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Our shot sampler package is the perfect quick and convenient way to set yourself up with a daily essential nutrient boost!


2 Super Immunity shots- strengthens immunity, improves liver health, speeds healing and recovery, anti inflammatory 

2 Belly Boost shots- enhances gut health, soothes indigestion, improves immune function, brightens skin

2 Supergreen shots- improves digestion/detoxification, removes heavy metals, enhances weight loss, promotes internal repair

2 Blue Majik shots- promotes brain function, increases energy and endurance, promotes healthy sleep

2 Special Shots/ House picks

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Subscription Details
: pick up or delivery of subscription is dependent on details of the subscription package, signup date & length.  Feel free to Inquire with our team for more details.  

Cleanses and packages will need to be PICKED UP in our shop. For delivery please call, text, or email the shop for details & options.

IMPORTANT, please read:

*Cleanse/package orders should be placed 24 hours in advance, with pick up the day before the start of cleansing. 

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