True Hunger

True HUNGER : the need to nourish your body in order to sustain physical stamina or brain power. TRUE HUNGER IS NOT to be confused with the urge to eat due to boredom or dehydration.  The feeling of needing to eat to fill an emotional or physical addiction (ahem...addiction to carbs, sugar, salt or caffeine) is also NOT HUNGER.  


Daily tips for fueling your true hunger:


1. Eat clean.
If you are dining/taking out, choose a salad or a light, plant based meal.  Be sure all sauces and dressing have no overly processed oil, MSG or High fructose Corn Syrup.
Consider Instead choosing an extra virgin olive oil and vinegar as a dressing.


2. Fill with plants 

Strive to make your plate at least 60-70% veggies, fruits, and seeds, ideally raw or lightly steamed.  

3. Add diversity! 

Make it colorful & creative!


4. Eat your omegas. 

Hemp oil, flax seeds, raw seeds & nuts - help to satisfy and fuel.  *Take caution not to overdo the nuts as they can be harder on the digestion.


5. Eat mindfully

Take your time and chew well.

6. Call it quits early.

Stop eating before you are stuffed. Reassess after a 10-15 minute break.  


7. Get creative.

Enjoy the flavors of your food.  Try something new!


Snack smart
Suggestions for snacking:
◦ Reach first for fruits and veggies as you snack.  
◦ Stick to one fresh item at a time.
◦ Wait at least one hour after your snack before adding more food.
◦ Snack in seeds too! (sunflower, pumpkin, etc). Work to incorporate the seeds as well as the nuts. Even unsweetened Nuts and nut butters can be harder on your gut to process.


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