Smoothie Party

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Are you ready to party the Blend & Press Way?

This is the package for you! This is a favorite package for work meetings, to treat a hard working film crew, for an outdoor picnic, to hydrate & nourish your gal pal gathering, or after a group workout session.
It is always the perfect to for a Blend (smoothie) party. 
Any gather can be elevated to a party with us.  You bring the group, we provide the curated, fresh made blend & is a party!   
You can see the  your flavors based on the menu, or we can offer you our crowd please favorites.

We provide this package in For 10, 20, or 30 guests. Inquire about Your needed number if it does fit the above.  
 These are served on independent cups for easy & quick enjoyment. If you would prefer them on a big batch, let us know & we will accommodate! 

Contact us with questions & let me know how we can help! 
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