What makes BLEND + PRESS juice different?

Pressed juice is different from any other kind of freshly made juice.  Our hydraulic juice press squeezes every bit of goodness from the fruits and veggies. When You drink our juice you are getting all of the nutrients, minerals and goodness from these veggies and fruits.  

On average, we use three times as much produce when pressing our juice as compared to blending a smoothie.  PLUS, we elevate your wellness and bolster the benefits by adding key superfoods. These strategic combinations are curated to enliven you body and mind.  

We ALWAYS deliver the absolute best.


For example we use bee pollen and chia seeds in your energy boost, bee pollen to bolster your immune system and chia seeds to give you amazing sustainable energy.  Plus these items balance your blood sugar, deliver a nutrient injection and give you Olympia style energy.


P.S. we are SOOO different than your average grocery store brand.  The juice carried at your local grocer has likely undergone a processing to make it shelf stable for a longer time.  This is a good thing, right??? NO! The healing power is in the living nutrients. By undergoing pasteurization (even if it is called something pretty like HPP) we lose the majority of this power.  It is still called “pressed juice” but don’t be fooled into thinking it will deliver anywhere near the same results.  
Take a closer look at your grocery store juice.  Yes, it is cheaper - but you are getting a lot less of what you need.


Our juice is juice you can trust to really give your body the nutrients it needs!