YOUR DAILY wellness | curated one Month Kit

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YOUR DAILY wellness must for metabolism, daily detox, energy & stress balance. 

curated by our wellness guide
This package is perfect for those who are looking to elevate their daily routine to optimize mind & body. This combination comes from the private curated selection of our owner. Her clients have enjoyed quick results and lasting by adopting this daily combination.

if you are looking to boost your metabolism & lose weight, increase energy, elevate focus, reduce body & mind stress, lower anxiety, enhance immune function, & detox daily this is for you.   
This package is your one month supply of curated wellness musts.  
it includes: 

BLend & Press Rise & Shine | energize & boost metabolism, enhance mood, warm & fuel 

E3Live Micro-algae Superfood | immunity, focus, metal balance, immunity 

Rhodiola Roscea | combats Anxiety, increases metabolism, elevates energy & mood, boost immune system, improves endurance & cardio fitness.

Holy Basil | supports hormone balance, digestive repair & wellness, immune function, liver heath & alleviates stress + pain 

Liver Bitters| Detoxifies,  reduces cravings & improves metabolism, reduce bloating & gas, assist in optimal gut health + elimination.  

Vitamin B-12 |