Daily Musts Variety Pack

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Try all 3 of our Daily Must curated proprietary blends, Rise + Shine, Sweet Supershroom, and Heal + Fuel. These blends are perfect addition to a daily routine, add to your coffee or tea, smoothies, baked goods, oatmeal + more! 


These are a part of our owners daily wellness musts.  These recipes were created in her kitchen to target common Health & Wellness needs of her private clients. 

Energy, balance, recovery, weight loss, craving, immune function & stress are the key needs of her clients.  Thus is the tasty & easy way to address these needs.  Plus, they are intended to be easy to include in a busy life on the go!

Our Daily Must Pack is a thoughtful gift to help your loved ones incorporate wellness into their daily routine, we make it easy and yummy too!

Rise + Shine Blend- SIGNATURE BLEND of maca + cacao + MCT + cinnamon + cardamom + cayenne + spice blend + Himalayan salt. Enhance energy, brain power, and vitality with this morning must. Sustain energy and boost metabolism with a spicy sweet blend that balances blood sugar and promotes happiness hormones. 

Sweet Supershroom Blend- SIGNATURE BLEND of cordycep, reishi, and chaga mushrooms + cacao + maca + spice blend + monk fruit. Give your body a helping hand by infusing your life with this whole wellness daily must. Support lung, heart, liver, and enhance beauty. This blend is created to boost immune system and aids recovery.

Heal + Fuel Blend- SIGNATURE BLEND  spirulina + maca + chlorella + moringa + acacia fiber + cordycep, relishi, and chaga mushrooms + cacao + spice blend + monk fruit. lEevate your life with a powerhouse combo of nutrient-rich greens and whole health enhancing mushrooms. Enjoy daily to combat inflammation, promote detox, and support immunity.