Hangover + Recovery Package

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 Our recovery package aids in relieving those undeniable hangover symptoms and speeds up recovery so you can have holiday fun and function as your best self!

Plan ahead and preschedule a pickup of this recovery package so you are totally set to feel wonderful after festivities.  

Includes B&P Hangover essentials:

juice + shot + coffee = our recipe for a happy AM 

1 SEASONAL juice-seasonal ingredients . Promotes cellular repair, pain relief, and recovery while acting as an anti-inflammatory agent!


1 Digest + Refresh - made with pressed pineapple + lime + coconut h2o + aloe vera. Cleanses the gut, reduces heartburn,  hydrates, and speeds up muscle recovery!

1 Super Green Shot-  made with spirulina + chlorella + lime + coconut h2o. Acts as a heavy metal detoxifier and liver booster while alkalizing, healing, and improving digestion!

1 powered coffeeblended specifically for your needs with our favorite hangover fighting ingredients and superfoods!

 We strategically combine key vegetables, fruits & superfood to elevate your body. Our curated combinations enhance the already amazing nutrients in the juice for an experience that is more beneficial for your mind & body. 

GINGER: settles an unhappy belly

ALOE VERA: brightens the skin

PINEAPPLE & YOUNG COCONUT: replenishes & hydrates

BLUE MAJIK: reduces inflammation & nourishes the liver

COLD BREW & PROTEIN:n energizes, sustains, and enlivens 

 Cleanses and packages will need to be PICKED UP in our shop. For delivery please call, text, or email the shop for details & options. 912-401-2594

IMPORTANT, please read:

*Cleanse orders should be placed 24 hours in advance, with pick up the day before the start of cleansing. 

**Once your order is placed, it can be ready to be picked up within 24-48 hours.

**Please include in your order notes what date AND time you would like pick up! If you have specific pickup instructions please call or text us 912-401-2594, or include in order notes.

**Make sure to leave your email & phone number upon checkout so that you can receive all needed information.

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