Kapha Reset Cleanse

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This is a tool to understand ourselves better and find balance.

Our primary dosha is Essentially our constitutions. Ayurveda has separated these into three distinct categories:
Pitta, Vata & Kapha.
Each has characteristics and attributes which commonly lead to potential challenges & successes based on how in balance one is with their constitution.
While you may be very dominantly one dosha, We all three doshas within us.
The degree of the primary, secondary and tertiary doshas varies From person to person

One’s primarily dominant and the other two play lesser roles in balancing practices. When we are armed with the knowledge of our leading dosha it can be used To balance our lives.
Following the prescribed or suggested ways of life based on one’s dosha offer an educated and functional approach to finding health I. Every day life.
We can then live, nourish, move & work in balance with our dosha to experience optimal health & happiness.

Strategic nourishment is key to finding balance in your Dosha. Getting the right nutrition and doing it at the right time can be challenging on its own. When you add the element of balancing your guiding dosha,it can seem quite challenging. 

We’ve created a customized Reset to balance each of the dominant doshas.  Our goal is to help you find balance with ease & enjoy + savor the whole process!


With our 1-Day, Dosha Specific Reset, we did the hard work for you. Inspired by our signature Raw Reset, we put together 3 cleanses catered to the 3 Doshas in Ayurveda so you can rest assured your cleanse is exactly what YOUR body needs.


Get the most out of your cleanse with our add ons!

    • Includes: 1 Emergency Cashew Mylk, Pre + Post Cleanse Shots (1 of each), and our Cleansing Herb Pack 
  • Cleansing Herb Pack - $6